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Designed for continuously stimulating and contracting the muscle

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What is i-Shred® FMS?

When we normally move our muscles, we send a signal from our brain to the muscle group to contract. Our machine uses a focused electromagnetic field with safe intensity to pass through the body and directly interact with motor neurons without our mental input.

It’s designed for continuously stimulating and contracting the muscle, which is ideal for deeply reshaping the internal structure of the muscle. Having 4 applicators with higher intensity for non-invasive body contouring, so it not only achieves effect on burning fat, but also building muscle at the same time, which is a key to keep a toned and healthy physique. Book a FREE Brisbane muscle sculpting consultation.

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What are the Benefits Of Muscle Sculpting?

Everybody Clinics | Body Sculpting Clinic

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Everybody Clinics | Brisbane Body Sculpting Clinic

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