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Cryolipolysis (FAT FREEZE)

The non-surgical alternative to Liposuction, at a fraction of the price.

We understand that no two people are the same – you deserve a treatment program that is as unique as you are.

We provide free body assessments through our in clinic consultations, to ensure we give you the best results possible.

Fat Freezing Brisbane

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis (also known as Fat Freezing) involves the use of innovative medical grade technology to safely apply controlled cold temperatures to targeted areas of the body, where stubborn pockets of fat are commonly stored. This process is able to permanently destroy the targeted fat cells.

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How does Fat Freezing work?

Fat cells can’t withstand temperatures below -4 degrees Celisus. As such, the exposure to extreme low temperatures causes the natural death of fat cells (apoptosis) without damage to surrounding tissue and the skin’s surface.

This causes up to 20-30% permanent fat reduction in the treated areas per session.

We usually recommend 2-3 treatments per area, 4 weeks apart.

In the end though it depends on your unique body, thus we recommend booking your FREE consultation for a professional assessment.

Why choose our i-Sculpt® Fat Freezing machine?

Our specialised i-Sculpt® machine uses 360 degree dual application to provide full
and thorough coverage of your fat pocket that is then cooled to -9 degrees Celsius.

One size doesn’t fit all, hence our applicators come in all different sizes, shapes and depths sculpted to your body & fat pockets.

In addition, we have specialized settings to factor in your sex, age and depth of fat.

What happens during my FREE Consultation?

At Everybody Clinics, we want everyone to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with mind, body and soul.

During your consultation, our Wellness Specialists will delve into all your concerns, as well as get an idea of your background and lifestyle. This is important as our treatments work with the body’s natural processes and we want you to get the best results and feel amazing too! We will also explain our treatments and technology, and you will have an one hour to ask as many questions as you wish.

All of our consultations are conducted in private rooms within our beautiful clinic’s in New Farm, Kedron and Paddington.

Fat Freezing Brisbane | Fat Freezing Gold Coast
Fat Freezing Brisbane | Fat Freezing Gold Coast

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